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Child Day Care Renovation - an Investment, not an Expense

With the number of new child day care centers recently opened or currently under construction, there is a growing need to update, refresh, and / or expand existing facilities to help improve their viability in the marketplace.

As new child day care centers are opening, with all of the latest amenities and design trends, older centers need to position themselves as the better, local, more established option. The appearance and freshness of a center can have a significant impact on many aspects of a business. Having an attractive, appealing, and comfortable center can improve student’s happiness and well-being, increase staff morale, and create a more positive public opinion, all which lead to increased occupancy and better financial performance of the center.

Investing in a renovation project can be a challenging process that can seem overwhelming and complicated. The Baker & Associates team of Architects has experience in planning and executing renovation projects. We know and understand the unique requirements that child day care centers must deal with, and we can help guide you through that intricate process.

With new and improved technologies, your center will operate more smoothly and experience improved functionality. It may be time to consider a renovation, redesign, and/ or addition options for your child day care center. When Baker & Associates, Architects is involved early in your planning process, we can help walk you through design options and construction techniques that best meet your needs, budget, and schedule. We have a dedicated pre-design team to help with planning the next phase of your child day care center renovation and expansion, from classroom upgrades to full-scale renovations and additions.

When completed, your center will be better positioned to attract and retain students and parents. Renovation projects are clearly an investment, not an expense. Contact us today to learn how Baker & Associates, Architects can help guide you through the process.

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